Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Professor CBT trying to market CBT


Anonymous said...

love it, thanks for the laugh Dr Speedy!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lansley to be new Tory Health Minister:


Andrew Lansley spent more than £4,000 of taxpayers’ money renovating his country home months before he sold it, leaked expenses claims disclose.

The chairman of Care UK, gave £21,000 to fund Andrew Lansley’s personal office in November.

Mr Nash, a private equity tycoon, also manages several other businesses providing services to the NHS and stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Conservative policies to increase the use of private health providers.


let's make the rich richer and s*d the sick!

Hannah said...

This is Hannah Bevills, I am an editor with Hospital.com. We are a medical publication whose focus is geared towards promoting awareness on hospitals, including information, news, and reviews on them. Given the relevance of what you are offering from your site and what our mission is, I feel we may be able to collaborate in some way or another, I look forward to your response regarding the matter. Thanks!

Hannah Bevills

Matthew said...

And I am an avid reader of your weblog. Thanks for exposing politiacans for what most of them really are! Which is nothing more than power-seeking mongrels that don't care enough about the other people who plod the earth in this prison society that is the UK.

Anonymous said...


'She went into a hellhole': A mother's candid account of her daughter's battle with ME'

Aged just 32, Sophia Mirza lost her life to ME – the first time the condition was recorded as an official cause of death in the UK. Here, her mother talks to Louette Harding about Sophia’s excruciating final years and the torment they suffered at the hands of a health profession that didn’t know how to treat her illness....


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