Friday, July 9, 2010

CBT research for dummies in a nutshell

It’s no federal crime to be a jerk, or to select the wrong group of patients, do a phone(y) survey and a one-hour clinical evaluation, and then write the same paper over and over again.

Delete all evidence to the contrary, and earn shedloads of money by offering your services to anybody who wants you to deny everything and anything.

And then you become a professor about a disease you know nothing about, nor do you have any inclination to find out ...

Furthermore, what happens to and with the patient is totally irrelevant.

And that is CBT research by modern CBT psychiatrists, about a serious neurological illness, in a nuttershell.


Anonymous said...

well said sir!!

Anonymous said...

have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

The CAA in the US are saying today that the additional studies are now complete and the Alter paper will be published in a few weeks.I will not be content until we all see this now presumed positive replication paper,the stress has been mighty!

Anonymous said...

& here's a photo of Slyman Weasel himself:



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