Friday, July 16, 2010

Professor Wessely, you might like to know what the 12 Most Hated Professions on the Planet are ...

These 12 professions are the most hated for reasons that will quickly become clear: for all their good intentions, these are the professionals with the most power to screw up your day and put you in a world of financial hurt.


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Anonymous said...

Personally I would place psychiatrists at #1. Psychiatry seems to me to be a pseudo-science based on cruelty.Psychiatrists have the power to incarcerate and pump full of mind-altering drugs people who have done no wrong .

Time and time again illnesse labelled 'psychiatric' such as MS are found to have physical causes, but this does not stop the arrogant psychiatric profession, they just move on to their next victims.

People with the neurological illness mE have been their victims since the 1980s, and they are fighting hard- and succeeding - to keep us so.

RIP all those victims that have died or existed in a painful living death as a result of their cruelty.


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