Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another severe ME sufferer inappropriately detained in a psychiatric unit

Facebook group Help for Justine Roach:

Justine Roach, 37, is currently stuck in a psychiatric unit on the Isle of Wight.

She suffers from severe ME and is without appropriate medical care. We do not know all the details of the situation but her family is not helping and her ME/CFS friends are very worried. Understandably, she wants out.

She is bedbound and needs to be cared for, not just labelled as depressed and left. This groups sole intention is to help Justine and to secure appropriate medical care for her.


Peter said...

What can we do?

Anonymous said...

Peter, you can send her a friendly card & make a donation to Invest in ME.if you can afford it.

The facebook page now says:

"We can now tell you that someone from IiME went to see Justine in hospital and that she is very grateful for everyone's concern & welcomes the cards & messages of support. May we stress though please NO phone calls to the ward. If the staff choose they could stop all contact from the ME community so we need to tread carefully and act in the best interest of Justine. We cannot express adequately how grateful we are to IiME for their speedy action in this matter. "

Good for IiME! They do a brilliant job for such a tiny charity. (AfME still haven't answered the question on their facebook page asking what they are intending to do about Justine - nothing, presumably.)


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