Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dr William Weir on UTV: irrefutable evidence of immunological dysfunction in ME


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one Dr Speedy. Dr Enlander and Dr Weir come over well. Just to clarify the comments made by one of the NI patients to the effect that 'at least they have specialist clinics in England'. These so-called specialist clinics offer only CBT and GET type 'management systems' - they do not offer the sort of treatment that Dr Enlander is talking about. They are staffed largely by psychologists etc (perhaps with the odd 'Trojan horse' immunologist thrown in as a sweetener). Make no mistake - these clinics are NOT better than nothing. Be careful what you wish for. Don’t campaign for your own destruction. ME patients are better off in countries that offer nothing – Ecuador? Angola? Etc. than in countries that coerce or force them into inappropriate pseudo-treatment that will worsen their condition (for which they themselves will then be blamed). What we all need is more biomedical research or, failing that, Norwegian citizenship, to give us hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting for those of us too exhausted to do so. After 30 years I finally have a Dr who believes me and admits she's clueless but is supportive. Lost 8 years to cbt/get and awful Prozac . Never again. Pacing gluten free hydro help. Cbt / GET worsen.


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