Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Karina, shame on Hammel Neurocenter

Today is Karina Hansen's 25th birthday. We wish Karina only the best in the coming year. We are saddened that she has been at Hammel for approximately 8 months now. It isn't too late to send Karina a birthday message to let her and the staff at Hammel know that she is still very much in our thoughts. Please use the address below.

Also this is a good opportunity to remind Karina's parents and siblings that we are still doing all we can to support Karina. You can leave a note on this post or on our page for them.

We at J4KH thank each of you for your continued support. We appreciate you!

Hammel Neurocenter
Kognitiv Klinik, H4
Voldbyvej 15, 8450 Hammel, Denmark

Att: Karina and Ketty Hansen

Please share this message or your own message in support groups, forums, and pages. It would be wonderful to see the ME community leaving lots of messages of support. Thank you!

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