Tuesday, December 30, 2014

198 patients immunized with sera from recovering polio patients developed ME, 1st known as atypical polio, rather than polio !!

http://www.masscfids.org/resource-library/15-conference-reports/444-dr-byron-hyde-2012-fall-lecture-summary#LAEpidemic 1934 Los Angeles ME epidemic: Dr. Hyde had the opportunity to examine two physicians who had become ill during the 1934 polio epidemic outbreak at the Los Angeles (LA) County Hospital. According to Dr. Hyde’s slide, 198 healthcare workers, who were immunized with sera from recovering patients, fell ill with ME, but not polio. He believes in this case that the combination of an immunization and viral infection triggered their ME. The two doctors sued the hospital and the city of LA and received about 2 million dollars each. Dr. Hyde’s hypothesis is that this was a wake-up call for insurance companies to dismiss the illness and from then onward, anything resembling ME was mocked. There were times then, and even now, where ME patients were put into psychiatric hospitals and labeled as crazy (plus they were given drugs that made them sick). So, when CFS came along, it seemed to follow the same pattern. Same illness, different name, same outcome.


Anonymous said...

My illness developed after muktiple vaccinations delivered at the same time, followed by a trip to Timore Leste and Indonesia, then a monkey bite from a troop of monkeys all infected with the Simian B Herpes virus, then about 2 days later a totally incapacitaing illness resembling Dengue. The CDC desided to do the post bite Rabies series on me. Every injection made me sicker. I later found out from a friend, a community health nurse, that it is an absolute no no to vaccinate a patient when they are already ill, especially with a vaccine as dangerous as the Rabies vaccine. She has since told me thay she believes my ME was caused by this. You don't need live vaccine to create the conditions for developing ME. I wonder how many people are getting ME because they ate being vaccinated when they are already sick.

Dr Speedy said...

STUART said:
" Stuart Pitman
Jackie Nance - The 1934 Los Angeles County Hospital outbreak event had 198 personnel ill, most were nurses, some as young as 14! They were given a Dx of 'Hysterical Neurasthenia,' the 'treatment'? Radical Hysterectomy. This didn't work of course, there was a resulting Class Action Lawsuit concluding in 1938 with a win of $200M, very substantial amount for the time, of course the terms included sealing the records! 

What we do know was there was a campaign to trial the first polio vaccine at this time (a live attenuated vaccine passaged through the brains of mice - xenotransplanted MLVs anyone?), that there was an epidemic in 6 California counties labeled 'Atypical Polio,' and that the hospital staff was given prophylactic serum draw from patients of the epidemic."

Dr Speedy said...

Stuart said:
" a rather old practice is to draw blood from recovered patients, centrifuge the blood and use the Serum (neither white nor red blood cells or clotting factor) to inoculate someone either prophetically as a preventative, or as a treatment (ebola patients were given serum from recovered patients), in the hope that it will prevent/cure the disease (antibodies?).

The trial polio vaccine at the time was polio virus passaged through mouse brains repeatedly to weaken it, then given to subjects as a live attenuated vaccine, many were children, those of some parents desperate to try anything, but many were in care of the state. It was such a disaster it set back further trials for 20 years, until 1954, and those trials had their own early toll as well.

The 1934 California epidemic was called 'Atypical Polio,' I don't know if records exist of who was given the trial polio vaccine so that any causal relationship could be established with contact tracing of the test subjects to this outbreak. 

The negative vaccine trials were basically hushed up to keep the public in favor of vaccinations (as now) and for those who were doing the research to continue doing so unimpeded by negative press on them."


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