Friday, December 19, 2014

NIH P2P: PACE Trial using the Oxford criteria is seriously flawed

"38 The Oxford criteria (published in the Journal of the Royal 39 Society of Medicine in February 1991) are flawed and include people with other conditions, 40 confounding the ability to interpret the science." "378 Specifically, continuing to use the Oxford definition may impair progress and cause 379 harm. Thus, for needed progress to occur we recommend (1) that the Oxford definition be 380 retired" SOURCE:


Jean Harrison said...

The other serious problem is that with a definition so broad, it's likely that some patients, with treatable conditions, will be neglected. Oxford Criteria has been a disaster since it started, and is a blot on the copy books since it's inception. And I know of a couple of instances first hand of people who died because they thought they just had another new symptom of CFS.

Dr Speedy said...



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