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The DIFFERENCE between a debilitating disease and wesselian shite ...

Postexertional neuroimmune exhaustion (PENE pen’-e): Compulsory
This cardinal feature is a pathological inability to produce sufficient energy on demand with prominent symptoms primarily in the neuroimmune regions. Characteristics are as follows:
1. Marked, rapid physical and/or cognitive fatigability in response to exertion, which may be minimal such as activities of daily living or simple mental tasks, can be debilitating and cause a relapse.
2. Postexertional symptom exacerbation:e.g.acute flu-like symptoms, pain and worsening of other symptoms.
3. Postexertional exhaustion may occur immediately after activity or be delayed by hours or days.
4. Recovery period is prolonged, usually taking 24 h or longer. A relapse can last days, weeks or longer.
5. Low threshold of physical and mental fatigability (lack of stamina) results in a substantial reduction in pre-illness activity level.

PENE is also objectively verifiable and measurable using the 2-day cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET):

"A test-retest cardiopulmonary exercise study revealed a drop of 22% in peak VO2 and 27% in VO2 at AT [anaerobic threshold] on the 
second day evaluation. [39] Both submaximal and self-paced exercise resulted in PENE. [40] These impairments and the loss of invigorating effects distinguish ME from depression." [IC Primer, page 2]

The cardinal feature of CFS, on the other hand, is subjective, self-reported, unexplained fatigue that can only be assessed using variable responses to questionnaires.

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