Monday, January 26, 2015

Exercise will never improve my health or halt the progress of this illness

By Susan:

It's absolutely both ridiculous and infuriating that in 2015 there are supposed experts who are still "debating" whether or not sufferers of ME/CFS/FMS should consider exercise as a way to improving their health. 

As a long term sufferer of these conditions for the past 20 years, I have attempted all kinds of things to improve my health (including pacing, GET, etc) and the only thing that I can say with absolute clarity is that nothing has made any difference at all. 

Another observation I've made is that despite my optimism and sheer willpower over the past 20 years, my health has continued to deteriorate even further. 

At the time of the original diagnosis I was a very busy mother of 3 who worked full time and studied at evening classes. 

This is the one singular reason why I know without a shadow of a doubt that exercise, pacing or GET will never improve my health (or halt the progress of this illness). 

The only current perceivable hope for myself and thousands of fellow suffers, lies firmly with the research that is being carried out in various medical institutions throughout the world. 

To date, there are some very promising results which prove without doubt that there are clear abnormalities within the brain of ME/CFS/FMS suffers. 

So, why on earth do we still have to endure and be subjected to such wildly inaccurate and clearly questionable reports from so-called experts who do more harm than good and do nothing at all to promote the possibility of a cure?


Pamela Stocks said...

As someone who has had ME for at least 42 years and fibro for 20, I can very confidently say ditto to all of that.

Dr Speedy said...

So do I Pamela


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