Thursday, March 18, 2010

A £1 billion misjudgement

Posted by The Jobbing Doctor

I do find it surprising to be given advice from a man whose spectacular misjudgement of a mild but very infectious disease has cost the taxpayer £1,000,000,000.

Yep, £1 billion on 'swine' flu - the pandemic that wasn't.

His ludicrous helpline manned by windowcleaners, and the absurd and hopeless pr spectacle of 65,000 deaths. The flogging of quasi-placebos in the form of Tamiflu. And much else.

This joker has not actually had a consultation with a patient for 20 years!

Yes, you've guessed it! Our Chief Medical Officer ('Sir' Liam Donaldson) is seeing it his job to tell GPs that we need more training and support to diagnose rare conditions.

We are seeing some valedictory pieces about his time as CMO. His 'achievements' (I shall go away and start to look for them).

The only practical benefit I have seen from this man is the smoking ban (which was trialled in other countries - including Scotland - before it became his idea).

I look forward to his disappearance from the post he has occupied for the last 12 years. A period of silence from him would be much appreciated. Particularly about General Practice.

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