Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another £164,000 wasted on silly psycho therapy

2nd March 2010
Media Release

£164,000 awarded for new research into the treatment of a chronic childhood condition
A research study looking into interventions and treatment options for a chronic childhood condition has been awarded funding of £164,000 by the Linbury Trust and the Ashden Trust.

The funding has been awarded to a research team led by Dr Esther Crawley, Consultant Paediatrician at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Foundation Trust, also known as the Min, and Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol.

Esther and her team will carry out a pilot project to investigate whether it is possible to look at two different approaches to the intervention and treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (CFS/ME) in Children.


The team will carry out a pilot project to investigate how to recruit to a randomised controlled trial looking at the Phil Parker Lightning Process® and specialist medical care.


Anonymous said...

It's more than just a waste of money.

It's experimentation on vulnerable children.

Anonymous said...

This research must be closely supervised and monitored by ME/CFS charities lest it ends up causing the same problems to the ME/CFS patients that CBT and GET have done before it.

Clearly a carefully selected sub group of patients may well respond to this treatment but care must be taken to view it in the context of the careful selection, making sure that it is not then applied to every patient with ME/CFS.

We know already that this group of patients are multiply infected with virus and bacterial infections,for example research shows 30% with Lyme disease.

Another concern of mine is over certain worrying reports over one of the people due to conduct these studies of behaviour, which I can only interpret as a form of bullying of vulnerable patients. Now whether there is substance to the complaint or not will depend on the authorities involved.

Anonymous said...

Esther Crawley already makes great calims that the CBT & GET she loves so much are 'curing' children with M.E., most of whom spontaneously recover anyway. The recovery rate in children is much much higher that in adults.

Is she going to factor this recovery rate into her 'research' into this nasty money grubbing pyramid selling scheme?

Is she going to take responsibility for those poor children whose symptoms deteriorate, perhaps permanently due to its asking them to just ignore the fact that they have a serious neurological illness?

How about putting money into biomedical research instead of flimflam?

ME agenda said...

To date, no rigorous, controlled trials have been published on the application of the "Lightning Process" in adults.

The MRC's guideline on ethics and medical research in children is clear:

MRC Medical Research Involving Children (Nov 2004, revised Aug 2007)

“4.1 Does the research need to be carried out with children? Research involving children should only be carried out if it cannot feasibly be carried out on adults.”

Sample LP application form:

Here you can scrutinise the statements and “beliefs” which prospective “trainees” are expected to sign up to, before being accepted into a "Seminar":

The March 2007 edition of Action for M.E.'s magazine InterAction published this article with reports from those who have undergone the "training":

In November last year, Private Eye published a brief item on its legal page:

Private Eye: Critics of the Lightning Process, report on Legal News Page


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