Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the Virus Stupid !!

By Heidi Bauer:

"If there is one place that I've had enough politics and stalling in the name of scientific accuracy and procedure, it's the repeated mention that while XMRV is convincingly infectious to human beings that it has not been proven to cause disease. The NCI's summary of the 1st International XMRV convention writes that

"Everyone who attended the international workshop ... agreed that XMRV can infect humans",

however, "there is currently no evidence that the virus causes disease in people."

1 NIH director, Dr. Francis Collins calls for "healthy skepticism".
2 I tend to believe at this point that the skepticism is not healthy, but downright cynical as it always has been in regards to CFS patients.

The ramifications of leaving an entire population of sick people in the gutters and dismissing them as overweight, stressed and depressed housewives who should be running for the shelter of mother's little helper are enormous."


Anonymous said...

New study links HIV-type disease to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

countries now banning blood from M.E. sufferers:

UK: Life ban by order of the Department of Health.
Australia: Life ban from Red Cross blood service.
Canada: ban
NZ Blood Service (NZBS) ban.
Malta: National Blood Transfusion Services

Anonymous said...

Rising Tide - An XMRV/CFS Story


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