Thursday, September 9, 2010

The REAL second most important day in ME/CFS research

By: CFS Patient Advocate:

Yesterday, events forced the Patient Advocate to move the vaunted Dr. Alter's confirmation paper to third on the list of "the most important days in ME/CFS research". Sorry, Dr. Alter.

Yesterday morning the Patient Advocate received a call from his son Peter, asking if he had heard the news on the BBC world news about the study that came from the University of Dundee in Scotland? (My wife also heard it on the news on the way to work.) I immediately went looking for it and found very little online. Later the contents of the study were released here.

This study came out of the blue. Very few people knew about it, or knew that it was coming. This study is a very big deal. While it does not mention XMRV, it does establish an association between white blood cell dysfunction and ME/CFS.

ME/CFS patients' systems give clear indication of fighting viruses, along with the attendant inflammatory issues. Coming hard on the heels of the long and unnecessarily delayed confirmation of the NCI/WPI October study, the study release gives us the REAL "second most important day in ME/CFS research".

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