Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of the Health Blog 2010 should be the XMRV posts by Amy Dockser Marcus

By Katherine Hobson:

Tonight the Health Blog will close the book on 2010 as we head out for the long holiday weekend. Not, however, before highlighting a few of our favorite posts from the more than 1,100 that ran this year. Our thoroughly subjective list includes posts notable for their subject matter, news value or just because we liked them a lot. In no particular order:

XMRV: Raising the Issue of Contamination
This is just the latest thoroughly reported post Amy Dockser Marcus has written on the controversy surrounding the XMRV virus and its possible link to chronic fatigue syndrome. Click here to see all the Health Blog’s coverage on this topic from this year and earlier.

1 comment:

Javen said...

Amy is " The Reporter of the Year". Give her the credit she deserves. She is a Pitt bull when it concerns her story. We need more like her to take on the unbelievers of " whatever". Many people certainly respect her and look forward to whatever she bites into. Love her!


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