Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CD8 immune cell deficiency in ME / CFS

News release posted Dec 6, 2010 via Co-Cure by Clara Valverde:

“This Thursday, December 9, we are organizing a big event here, in Barcelona, in which the Spanish XMRV researchers will explain their findings of XMRV in the Spanish CFS/ME population.

They will explain their findings regarding the XMRV, and more importantly, they will explain the common immune dysfunction they have found in all CFS/ME patients:

immune deficiency due to the CD8 cells

(for comparison's sake: HIV is an disease in which there is immune deficiency due to CD4 cells, and we are immune deficient because of the low CD8s).

They will also explain to the patients who will be present (we have invited patient associations, primarily) how we should live until there is a treatment for XMRV.

In the same event ... Read more>>

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