Sunday, December 19, 2010

The CDC and CFS: A shameful masterpiece of manipulation

This is CFS. It’s not “just” an illness. It’s so much more. It’s the hijacker of lives, the usurper of joy, the derailer of families, the denier of medical care, the unjust pointing finger of indiscriminate discrimination. It’s the mother of all wormholes.

How tragic it is for so many people to be so sick, and to be served the icing on the cake in the form of politically manufactured mischaracterization of the illness. And how tragic that this has continued for over a quarter of a century.

In a VDOP (Vulgar Display Of Power), the CDC announced today (Saturday, about a week before Christmas) that they have selected Dr. Elizabeth Unger as the new Chronic Viral Diseases Branch Chief. While this comes as no surprise to many of us who have been riding this crazy train for a few stops, it is a blatant assertion that the CDC collective-think seems to be that they can continue to call the terms.

Do not for a minute suppose that they are unaware of how unhappy this makes us. Do not believe for a microsecond that they haven’t heard our pleas. They know. They have no intention of capitulation. This has been one of the slickest, high-level, on-going cons in the history of our country. The way the CDC has handled this illness from the moment they appeared in Incline Village has been a masterpiece of manipulation, so well orchestrated and so highly choreographed that it takes my breath away. One almost has to admire the genius, if it weren’t for the genocide.

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