Friday, December 10, 2010

Dr. Bill Reeves and the CDC on how to make a severe illness disappear, lesson one

First, you come up with a definition that almost totally excludes people with ME/CFS, known in the field as the “empiric definition,” by Dr. Simon Reeves, or is it Bill Wessely, who makes a Sharp White turn on his bike to make sure that lightning only strikes children with ME who have £ 164,000 to spare, while waving to Truly and Esteroid, who are busy making millions for a boss, who when asked to spell spell ME came up with CFS.

You then almost exclusively select patients with a psychiatric disorder, you say they have CFS, and then on every day of the week you publish the same paper on personality disorders so that every MICE in the country gets the impression that CFS is a personality disorder IE psychiatric disease instead of a mouse virus, a.k.a. XMRV or whatever other horrible CBT virus is making this ME chappie cause have rock in our systems.

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