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Dr. Mikovits in Santa Rosa, CA January 17, 2011

Sock It 2 ME/CFS:

XMRV Retroviruses and Human MLV-related Viruses – Updates on GMA Research + reminder Dr Mikovits, Santa Rosa, Jan 17

For now, all treatments are experimental. Some patients may choose to do a trial with antiretrovirals (ARV), either natural or conventional.

Conventional ARVs are the drugs used to treat HIV and AIDS. While XMRV and HIV are not identical, some of the knowledge gained in treating HIV may be useful in discovering what works for XMRV.

It is important to manage inflammation, one of the primary issues with retroviruses. There are natural and conventional options to treat inflammation, depending on your needs and preferences. Working to balance hormone levels is another aspect of treatment, as these retroviruses seem to be hormone sensitive.

Finally, if you have other health issues or infections, it is important to continue treatment to manage those. While XMRV may be proven to cause other diseases, it isn’t known yet whether treating the retrovirus directly will be sufficient.

Dr. Mikovits has been actively in touch with physicians who are experimenting with XMRV treatment, and we look forward to hearing any new information she might have to share in January.

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