Friday, December 17, 2010

Engineering negative XMRV studies

By: The Patient Advocate

Shortly after Dr. Stoye’s presentation at the FDA meeting, the Patient Advocate engaged the virologist in the hallway outside the conference room. The PA had no interest in engaging Dr. Stoye on his presentation - as Dr. Stoye had already done enough to undercut his own credibility.

The Patient Advocate wanted to clarify one particular question. In the fall of 2009, it was suggested to the PA that he submit his daughter’s blood sample through Dr. Derek Enlander’s office to Jonathan Kerr in the UK. Kerr at the time was presumably working on an XMRV study with Dr. Stoye.

This study of two UK cohorts was published in early 2010, with both Dr. Kerr’s and Dr. Stoye’s name on the paper. The study could find no XMRV.

No mention was made of American samples, and the fate of these samples remains unknown.

Since a number of these patient samples turned up XMRV+ in other testing, the whereabouts of these samples becomes a matter of importance, especially ... Read more>>

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