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First Biomarkers for ME/CFS

by: Xand Xmrv and Xmrv Humanrightsnow:

1.-Clear Low level of CD 57 in the NK cells
2.-ANERGIC Patern with an elevated quantity of CD5 in the CD8 (T8)

CD57 from REDLABS, Europe
CD5 from London in the the UK, at TDL Pathology (The Doctors Laboratory).

Note: Mantle Cell Lymphoma has CD5 surface markers, and Mantle Cell Lymphoma is elevated in CFS.

T Cells are infected with XMRV in CFS patients . Activated T cells ramp up CD5. Now put this all together and what do you get? .....

Immune disease via XRMV is what you get. Now ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is a neurological disease. Brain inflammation occures in ME patients, (or Americans erroneously given the label CFS who meet ME criteria).

Neuro inflammation can be evidenced in ME patients by highly elevated: MIP-1a, MIP-1b (glial cell activation), MCP1 and associated abnormal VEGF, TGF-b1, IP-10, INF-a - all indicative of neuro immune disease and CRITICALLY........known to be caused in animals with MULV retrovirus infection.

XMRV is a type of MULV.

Macrophage Inflammatory Protein (MIP-1) and also VEGF/TGF-b1 is known to occur in humans with neuro degenerative disease (Alzheimer's/Parkinsons's).

These markers are also elevated in XMRV+ ME patients, given the bogus name of CFS by the American CDC. A label exported around the world, used to hide human MULV infection, XMRV.

Do not be surprised that ME patients really DO have a brain disease and evidence of brain cell activation that is attempting to fight off an invader. E.g. a virus.

The next step for science is to find XMRV in the brain/CSF (Cerebro Spinal Fluid). For that we need an XMRV CSF test that works (Lumbar Puncture), or a drill to the head on autopsy. The former is less painful and prefered.

The NK cells (NK or Natural Killer Cells). They maintain baseline function unaltered, ie perform their function of cell destruction. Nonetheless there are two abnormalities in patients with CFS / ME: A degree of activation slightly above normal and A marked reduction of CD57 in the 11 patients analyzed, so that could be used as a marker to validate these patients, according to Dr. Blanco.

T cells, or CD4 (Or T4) are divided to a slower pace (unlike the case of HIV). The CD 8 (T8 or those of T) have two abnormalities: they also divided more slowly (although not as much as CD4) and they present in a very high quantity a marker called CD5 Bright whose presence indicates ANERGY, which is understood as a lack of response by these T cells in the presence of pathogens and / or uncontrolled growth of cells (cancer).

Therefore these would be the first biomarkers for CFS / ME:

1.-Marked decrease in CD 57 in NK

2.-Pattern of anergy with high amount of CD5 Bright on CD8 (T8)

Source: LigaSFC:

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oerganix said...

Dr Speedy, I think the "drill to the cranium" upon autopsy would be less painful than the lumbar puncture, but since autopsies are usually done on the dead, I'd still prefer the lumbar puncture - if I could get one. :-)

So, are you about to try the ARVs (AZT, Viread, Isentress) that seem to be restoring health and functionality to Dr Jamie Deckoff-Jones and her daughter; Dr Michael Synderman; and the mysterious "Ms X" in Dr Luckett's blog, Hope For FM and CFIDS?

Thanks for blogging on this subject!


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