Friday, December 3, 2010

GP who had sex with depressed patient is allowed to KEEP his job

By Daily Mail Reporter, on 3rd December 2010

A respected GP who admitted a six-year affair with a patient and was caught kerb crawling has been allowed to continue working – to the fury of his patients.

Grant Ingrams, a British Medical Association representative who has advised the Department of Health, was cautioned by police after being caught cruising the streets for prostitutes in March.

But the 46-year-old GP, a senior partner in a practice in Coventry, kept the incident quiet for a month before confessing all to local health bosses, who then informed the General Medical Council.

Dr Ingrams, a twice married father-of-three, faced being struck off when ... Read more>>

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Anonymous said...

Dr Myhill has been banned from practising for a year for giving a patient B12 injections, yet this sleaze can carry on as if nothing has happened.

Good old boy network is alive and well. The GMC should be abolished.


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