Saturday, December 11, 2010

Health problems that need urgent attention

by Denise Nichols, December 10, 2010:

Just a short collection of articles that should be of high interest to all Americans! The implications are huge for millions including our gulf war veterans who suffer quietly with their illnesses since serving in the Gulf War 1990-91.

These veterans suffer from CFS/ME and have many researchers that are also connected to the civilians suffering from CFS/ME. The veterans had multiple exposures including Sarin, depleted uranium, oil fire exposures, dirty dust exposures, pyridostigmine bromide, vaccines, and who knows the complete list of biological chemical exposures.

There is breaking news in several news items to include the research occurring in the XMRV/MLV ( a new human retrovirus) issue over the last year, the breaking news of a blood ban on CFS patients, Sarin exposure (Gulf War Veterans 90-91) and cardiac body system effects, Exposures information not only for Gulf War 1990-91 but also our troops that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and legislation on 911 Rescuers that suffer health problems. All of these have connections to health problems that need urgent attention!

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