Saturday, December 25, 2010

Is the PACE Trial pregnant with scientific fraud?

by Kevin Short:
It is interesting that NICE refer to PACE as “this significant trial”. It is indeed very significant, but I wager not quite for the reasons they hold?

PACE is funded by a UK government agencies that are responsible for spending taxpayers’ money wisely, for upholding scientific standards and for caring for seriously ill people.

The most outstanding reason the PACE Trial is perhaps “significant” however is because it has been alleged to be pregnant with “scientific fraud” and is the subject of multiple complaints, including a major formal erudite critique by Professor Malcolm Hooper.


It is just coincidence that nearly all official/government ‘CFS’ research funding and committees seem to support the interests of the permanent health insurance industry.

It is just coincidence that when Mikovits et al published XMRV findings in Autumn 2009 that subsequent negative non-replicating studies were published by others at break-neck speed.

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