Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It is plausible that XMRV represents a major health concern in the United States

Fry Laboratories offers our research use XMRV PCR assay for licensed clinicians and health care professionals.

Our samples are processed looking for two different loci of the XMRV provial genome with any positive result from either region being followed up with direct sequencing and analysis.

Thus far Fry Laboratories is in approximate agreement with the study coming from the NIH [23] with approximately 7.7% of an unselected population displaying detectable levels of MLV-related proviruses.

We have sequenced fragments of these patient-derived genomes and have discovered novel variants of the XMRV and MLV-related viruses beyond what is published in the literature. Little is known about MLV viruses and the literature is not resolved about its health effects.

We have detected it at a non-trivial rate and it is plausible that XMRV and related viruses represents a major health concern in the United States.

As such we believe offering a high quality test that can detect both XMRV and MLV-related viruses is critical for physicians and health care professionals to provide first line detection of an emerging and novel threat to patient health.

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