Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Left to die by the NHS

A Shropshire mother fears her 20-year-old son – who is bedridden with the chronic illness ME and has to be spoon fed – could die after health chiefs refused to send him for treatment at a specialist unit.

Mrs Newcombe wanted her son Oliver to receive treatment at a dedicated inpatient unit in Romford, Essex, which would cost about £5,000 a week.

But Shropshire County Primary Care Trust (PCT) is instead suggesting referral to a behavioural psychologist in Birmingham.

Mrs Newcombe said today: “I am so angry and completely at a loss as to what on earth will happen to Oliver.

“At the very least, he will cost the Shropshire health service tens of thousands of pounds during the next year or so, with doctor’s visits, healthcare, respite care, specialist help, maybe hundreds of thousands of pounds if he becomes hospital bound.

“If he dies, aged 20, from complications resulting from ME does the primary care trust imagine I will accept this lightly?”
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