Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New UK study casts doubts on the link between CFS and CBT

6:48 pm December 21, 2010, JohnStClair wrote:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by the reversal of the hyperspace vortices of the human energy field, Ordinarily, as seen looking at the chest, the vortices spin clockwise as measured by a pendulum. The hyperspace energy flowing through the vortex creates a circular gravitational field which is what makes the pendulum swing in circles.

A vortex can become reversed due to energy creatures that are shaped like a student’s eraser with a hole on the edge. Internally, there are two chambers, one of which has a slit in the wall through which a wave of energy can be transmitted. The wave moves around the interior on the right side, is reflected off the pointed end and moves along the left side, forming a counter-clockwise vortex around the hole.

When the creature lands on a vortex, it reverses the human vortex so that energy is pulled out into the creature. This lack of energy is the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Checking with a pendulum can reveal which vortex has been affected. Then by mental intent, the vortex can be switched back to its normal rotation.

Because the vortex feeds a meter-long chamber, there will an enormous flow of energy back into the energy field which sloshes back and forth for up to six hours due to the low damping of the energy. After restoring the energy, the person returns to normal health.


Anonymous said...

This IS hilarious. Can't quite decide if the guy is having a laugh or if he really means it. Please, tell me it's a pre-christmas joke gift.

Anonymous said...

Ah, is this why the psychiatric profession are trying to do 'research' into M.E. by taking all the funding and then sticking their heads up their own backsides?

That's why their 'research' results are always pure sh*t!

Anonymous said...

(sung to the tune of 'We Three Kings')

Give psychiatrists all funding for M.E.
Totally illogical
'Cos M.E.'s neurological
We're accountable to no-one,you see.

O! PACE trial of blunders, PACE trial of shite
Selection procedures just not right
Taxpayers we're bleeding - £5 million needing
PACE trial is M.E.s darkest night

CBT's the psychiatrist's gravy train
Done solely for their financial gain
They provide it but just can't hide it
Leaves patients exactly the same.

O! PACE trial of blunders...etc.

Pacing's really just common sense
(work it out for yourself,you're not dense)
Who can tell it
When Weasels sell it
Wrapped up as pseudo-science?

O! Pace trial of blunders...etc.

Graded exercise, evil curse
Makes neurological M.E. much worse
The theory's unsound,
Makes the bedbound
Finally leave the house - in a hearse.

O! PACE trial of blunders...etc.

Weasels confused fatigue with M.E.
And they've done it deliberately!
It's so funny,
We shower them money
And we all deny XMRV.

Anonymous said...

Likely he's serious - he's been posting this rubbish on various XMRV blogs, including comments sections to some of the media blitz reports yesterday on the 5 contamination articles.

Regardless, the best part of this post, hands down, is the LOL smiley (and Dr. Speedy's brilliantly warped sense of humour).


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