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Nexavir (Kutapressin) for CFS

by cfssufferer:

What is Nexavir?

During the 1940s, a product called Kutapressin was licensed to treat acne, cold sores, herpes viruses and other inflammatory viruses. In 1983, Kutapressin was trialled on ME/CFS patients. A company called Schwarz Pharma produced Kutapressin until several years ago when this product was discontinued. A separate company called Nexco Pharma recently reintroduced this same product with a virtually identical composition to Kutapressin under the brand name ‘Nexavir.’ The terms Kutapressin and Nexavir will be used interchangeably in this article.

Nexavir is a porcine liver extract that is the residual product from the process of vitamin B12 extraction. It is composed of peptides and amino acids.


Nexavir may improve ME/CFS symptoms because it:

Inhibits EBV
Inhibit HHV-6
Is anti-inflammatory
Is antiviral
Is an immunomodulator (Nexavir may help shift the immune system away from Th2 dominance.)
Enhances blood flow in the brain (as measured by a SPECT scan.) This increased rate of blood flow may be a consequence of the Bradykinin effect which involves dilation of the blood vessels.


Dr. De Meirleir performed a study involving the administration of Nexavir or a placebo to ME/CFS patients. 63% of those ME/CFS patients in the treatment group responded to Nexavir while only 17% of those ME/CFS patients in the placebo group responded. Dr. De Meirleir finds that approximately 50% of his patients are pain free after 2-3 months of Nexavir injections. His patients generally experience a normalisation of sleep within 3 days of commencing Nexavir. Approximately 70% of Dr. De Meirleir’s patients experience a 20+ point increase (based on the Karnovsky scale) as a consequence of taking Nexavir.


Dr. Lapp provided almost every ME/CFS patient that made an appointment with him, the opportunity to try Kutapressin. He has labelled it as a “wonderful alternative.” Dr. Lapp has stated that Nexavir was handmade for CFS patients with the main arguments against taking it being the cost and the necessary frequency of the ‘painful’ injections.

Many specialists combine Nexavir with other treatments to ... Read more>>

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