Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NICE ME Guideline rejects the WHO classification of ME as a neurological disorder

By Greg Crowhurst:

NICE Clinical Guideline "53" :

that's the the one which relied upon an evidence-base of just one systematic review that comprised only 18 clinical trials, not all of which were random controlled trials (RCTs),
of which just five were RCTs of CBT and a further five were RCTs of graded exercise therapy, making a grand total of just 10 RCTs, all on a patient base of just 1,448 patients who may or may not have had ME/CFS;

that's the one which rejects the WHO formal classification of ME/CFS as a neurological disorder;

that's the one which ignores the international evidence that ME/CFS is a biomedical, not psychiatric, disorder;

tha's the one which proscribes appropriate testing for ME patients ;

that's the one which is condemned by virtually all patient groups as "unfit for purpose.

(cf Margaret Williams http://www.meactionuk.org.uk/A_NICE_DILEMMA.htm)

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