Monday, December 20, 2010

Political Contamination

by Mike Turris on Monday, December 20, 2010

One wonders who may have engaged five different groups to challenge the data from WPI and come up with the same conclusion on the same day: This study highlights the ubiquitous presence of mouse DNA in laboratory specimens and offers a means of rigorous validation for future studies of murine retroviruses in human disease. It is, therefore, vital that contamination by mouse DNA be monitored with adequately sensitive assays in all samples tested. In the investigation of XMRV infection in patients of CFS and prostate cancer, researchers should prudently evaluate the test kits for the presence of endogenous MLV as well as XMRV genomes prior to PCR and RT-PCR tests. We propose that XMRV might not be a genuine human pathogen. These findings raise important questions regarding the provenance of XMRV and its potential connection to human disease.

Contamination, contamination, and contamination everywhere…

  • If its contamination, why aren’t the control groups testing positive in the same numbers as people with ME/CFS?

  • And why is there an antibody response? Seems like someone is desperate on a mission there...

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