Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Professor Coffin: chronic inflammation is often found in ME/CFS


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oerganix said...

I used googleScholar to find papers with Dr Coffin's name on them. I found about 397, mostly paid for by US governmental bodies such as NIH.

Of the first 100 papers whose titles I skimmed, 24% were about avian viruses - chicken tumor viruses, like Rous sarcoma - 8% of the first 100 papers.

Dr Stoye's name was on many of Coffin's papers. Stoye seems mesmerized by mice. His research, including fascinating papers on the hairless mutation in lab mice, are all based on mice as subjects of study.

No wonder these two researchers become discombobulated when human patients talk back and question their motives. The mice and the chickens never did that!

The remaining papers were mostly about HIV. It seems that those researchers deeply embedded in HIV research money pipelines do not want any money diverted to the potentially huge subject of viral infection in the 1-4 million Americans with ME/CFS.


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