Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Self-pleasuring disguised as science

The CFS Patient Advocate:

Many of the participants of the Blood Study group advisory committee meandered off to have a little dinner and feel good about themselves. Their self-assessment mirrors a comment overheard recently in a NYC coffee shop:

"I feel good about myself and I think I do a good job."

The rest of us go back to our life of illness or illness support. It is a grim life, made more difficult by having to go back to confront illness reality after a day with these FDA losers.

It is this disconnect that is really irritating - the disrespect for this illness that individuals like Coffin and Stoye display publicly.

They are playing their little games, disguised as science - and their successes in their careers come at the expense of patients.

They do not give a shit.

This is what I dislike. It is the contempt and the disregard and the ignorance of the consequences of their actions. It is in this way that they are modern people - self-pleasurers.

On this December 20th, a story from November 2009 has taken center stage and has become a "realization".

A year ago a well-known cancer virologist was approached in the halls of the NCI by another virologist and advised to "distance himself from the WPI" - that "they (unknown elements) were going to take out the WPI". Today ... Read more>>

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