Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A severe disease that most med schools don't teach about

by Nick Veronin, Mountain View Voice Staff

"Most med schools don't teach about it, actually" he says, noting that due to the perception among many that the disease isn't real, or is all in a patient's head, a feedback loop of sorts has been created. As long as there is a significant contingent that doesn't take CFS seriously, getting funding for research will be difficult.

"It's so frustrating," says Wu, who says doctors have accused her of faking her disease and says hospitals have denied her care, because they know insurance companies won't pick up the tab for CFS-related treatment.

"This is truly a real condition and not just in someone's head," Kogelnik says. And slowly but surely, it seems that more people in the medical community and the general population are agreeing with him.

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