Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We need ARV treatment trials for XMRV NOW

By: Heidi Bauer

My primary purpose in this blog post is to get patients to see ME/CFS symptoms in a different light. I have spoken with a couple long time advocates and support group people who accept XMRV as a potential big player in ME/CFS, but they don’t fully grasp that having a retrovirus is the puppet master.

Interdisciplinary study in the way it has been presented previously for CFS will no longer work. Urological issues, parasitic diseases, neurological issues, immunological issues, autonomic dysfunction, rheumatological issues, herpes viruses and cancers will need to be seen through the context of XMRV.

At present, many are not willing to do so, including patients. I believe part of that is the worry about having ME/CFS, yet not being positive for XMRV. I believe that 95%+ Canadian Consensus Criteria ME/CFS patients will eventually test positive for some form of HMRV and its variants.

I don’t say 100% because most tests do not pick up 100%. Even long standing assays for other viruses miss sometimes. HIV testing often requires two tests to make a formal diagnosis. However, those who don’t test positive for HMRV may still be treated with ARV eventually, much like the non-HIV patients are. They look very much like HIV patients, yet never test positive for the virus.

These are the generalized steps that need to be taken in ARV treatment for XMRV symptomatic, and potentially asymptomatic patients. Step 1 ... Read more>>

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