Tuesday, January 18, 2011

90% of Chronic Lyme are XMRV positive

By Dr. Timothy Luckett:

Recently, a small study has revealed that ticks might be one way XMRV is passed on. The study is being done by Dr. Eva Sapi and Dr. Joe Brewer.

The connection was discovered with a sample of chronic lyme disease patients showing 90% infectivity rates with XMRV and MLV's.

It is coincidental that the symptoms of Chronic Lyme, and Chronic fatigue syndrome are almost impossible to differentiate.

It also explains why despite antibiotic treatments, these patients fail to show improvements. Read more>>

PS: Peggy said...:

I don't agree that Lyme and ME/CFS are indistinguishable. In a list of symptoms, yes. In actual gestalt, no.

Many chronic Lyme patients do not have post-exertional malaise (PEM), which is the symptom that most defines ME/CFS from other conditions. Read more>>

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