Monday, January 31, 2011

Prof. Klimas: CBT does not cure (25% of) ME/CFS as claimed by Prof. White

By Professor Klimas:

Now you have a publication, written by a psychologist and well regarded CBT expert to use when you want to argue that CBT helps people with this illness (as it does in every chronic disease model ever tested) but does not cure the illness.

I had said that I had pressed Dr Antoni to get this study published in large part to rebut Dr White’s claim to cure 25% of ME/CFS patients with CBT. Dr Antoni’s study shows that while CBT helps people with the illness as it does in every chronic disease model ever tested, it does not cure the illness. Read more>>

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Anonymous said...

CBT doesn't cure so much as the common cold. And it is only effective in people who need improved coping skills. Many patients have strong coping skills and are neither depressed or anxious. In such cases CBT is superfluous and a waste of time and money. The tool used needs to be adapted to the needs of the individual.


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