Thursday, January 27, 2011

And the award for the most bizarre CFS treatment to date goes to .... FTT

FTT for ME/CFS: Faecal Transplant Treatment eases symptoms of Parkinson's, MS, CFS and rheumatoid arthritis

by XMRV Global Action on Wednesday, January 26, 2011:

Borody uses faecal transplants to cure people infected by the superbug Clostridium difficile, and to alleviate chronic constipation.

Over the past decade, Borody has noticed that some of his patients also see improvements in symptoms of their other diseases, including Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and rheumatoid arthritis.

"Some CFS patients, given a faecal transplant, will regain their energy quite dramatically, and their foggy brains will get better," says Borody.

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