Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BAD science: PCR run negative XMRV studies

By Lannie in the Lymelight:

The question is always raised – what does MLV or MRV have anything to do with XMRV? Here is a picture of the Phylogenetic Tree of XMRV(P) and Other Gammaretroviruses. All those strains included in the arc are identifiable and can be considered XMRV.

Mikovits mentioned since her original study published in 2009, she has taken 100 of the CFS samples and retested them with more sensitive testing. 30 of the original 100 have two known sequences, not simply one.

The only way to find these is through extensive testing and cultures. Again, why a simple PCR run by these non-successful XMRV replication studies aren’t practicing thorough science.
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