Friday, January 21, 2011

Cardiac Problems in young Desert Storm Veterans Demands Attention

January 20, 2011 posted by Denise Nichols:

USAF Desert Storm Veteran Crew Chief for KC135, Steve Alexander Batts Jr, dies at age 40 suddenly. We do not know cause of death but when it happens suddenly this old cardiac specialist nurse has to think this is just not right or good!

To die suddenly makes me think Cardiac arrest and yes cardiac problems for gulf war veterans have been being reported to me by the veterans and their family members since very early on and that is why this old nurse brainstormed with doctors and researchers to get them to look into the problem of hypercoagultion like a low level DIC(Disseminated intravascular coagulation).

That conversation in 1998-9 led to a small sample study that was subsequently published in a peer review journal in 2000 Journal of Fibrinolysis and Coagulation.

This old nurse had also paid attention to the other symptoms of uncontrollable menstrual bleeding, inability to carry fetus to full term, early age group of hysterectomies, the rectal bleeding, the sudden nose bleeds (Col Gil Roman had one of these when he was testifying at a House Government Reform Committee and the Committee hearing had to be put in holding pattern until we were able to control that bleed), the bleeding gums experienced by gulf war veterans, the unusual chest palpitations, the severe cramps in the calf muscles, and the early reports I was getting in the early 90s that gulf war veterans were having pacemakers inserted(tank crews originally based Bosser City, LA), and early Heart Attacks leading to multiple cardiac stent procedures all made alarm bells go off for this old cardiac clinical specialist nurse.

The VA has a study that is funded and ongoing at the Minn. VA led by Dr Ronald Bach.

This is an outstanding Research effort and I encourage other gulf war veterans to please participate. It does not take much time! Read more>>

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