Monday, January 31, 2011

CBT and GET have had disastrous effects on many M.E. sufferers

As Professor Malcolm Hooper explains:

The creation of the flawed disease category of ‘CFS’ (and the equally flawed government policies that have gone along with it) have had a devastating effect on hundreds of thousands of M.E. sufferers around the world, including young children.

These very ill patients are often denied appropriate medical treatment and care, denied appropriate insurance entitlements and other medical benefits and are often accused of malingering by doctors, welfare agencies and the media (and in turn even their own friends and family).

M.E. patients are also routinely recommended or forced to participate in inappropriate or harmful psychologically based interventions while basic appropriate medical care is withheld.

These harmful interventions (and the lack of basic medical care) have had disastrous and long-term physical effects on many sufferers. In some cases this has resulted in death. (Hooper et al. 2001, [Online]) (Hyde 2003, [Online])
As Professor Malcolm Hooper explains:

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