Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CDC: punctate brain lesions in CFS, similar to AIDS are caused by mass hysteria

By Cinderkeys:

The idea that physical illnesses were manifestations of feelings and thoughts started with Charcot in the 1880's ... For instance, a man knocked unconscious for 5 days by a carriage was unable to speak, walk or remember the accident when he regained consciousness. Charcot diagnosed him as being hysterical because of the psychological trauma of the event.
and ...

After brain scans of patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome were shown to an expert scan reader in 1984, he said the punctate lesions he saw looked like the scans of AIDS patients. Months later the CDC issued its verdict. The town of Incline Village NV [where the epidemic had occurred] was suffering from mass hysteria. Read more>>

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oerganix said...

The quotes you have used from Cinderkeys are her quotes from my Yahoo article and my blog: (satire)


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