Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr Alan Dove on CFS

Dr. Alan Dove, Ph.D.:

"Saying that psychiatric illness might be a factor in CFS is expressing an entirely mainstream view in the medical and research communities.

Primary care physicians routinely refer CFS patients to psychiatrists; insurance billing offices (which exist to deny payments to specialists) routinely reimburse psychiatrists for treating this condition;

the Wikipedia entry on CFS/fibromyalgia, which I understand is edited by someone with the condition, presents the psychiatric theory as one of several legitimate, non-exclusive possibilities;

a PubMed search pulls up dozens of recent publications examining potential psychiatric factors in CFS patients.

Everyone is free to disagree, but please stop pretending that I’ve given voice to some way-out fringe idea by repeating what these mainstream sources indicate. If my blog offends you, please stop visiting it."

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