Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heroes of the year 2010


Ladies and Germs, I think that Dr. Judy and Annette Whittemore did was HEROIC! I would like to nominate them for the "Heroes of the year for 2010" . Are there any takers?

I can say what they are "too polite" also. Dr. Ruscetti is WORLD famous in retroviral research. He discovered the second ever kNOWN human retrovirus: HTLV-1.

He was also RIGHT there at the founding of HIV-1.

Along with Dr. Luc MOntagnier from France, and Dr. Jay Levy of UCSF in the USA. in 1989, Dr. Jay Levy told me that "THIS CIAS (chronic immune activation syndrome) {this was HIS name for M.E. and CFS} will be the AIDS of the 1990's".
Dr. Robert Gallo, who ... Read more>>

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