Monday, January 31, 2011

Is CFS spread just like the flu, through coughing and sneezing ?

By Donald C. Drake, Knight-Ridder Newspapers:

More than 50 epidemics of CFS have been reported during the last 40 years here and abroad, and clinicians say they frequently find the disease clustering in families.

Bell, who gave up his private pediatric practice to pursue this disease with his own money (he works in emergency rooms at night to make ends meet), said he thought CFS was spread just like the flu - through coughing, sneezing and close contact.

Bell said he does not think there is any practical way of protecting against infection. He said he believes CFS victims are contagious during the early stages of their infection, when it seems that they have nothing more serious than the flu.

By the time CFS is suspected, he said, the contagion risk is gone. Read more>>

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Anonymous said...

Odd I have never heard this before back in 1990 a lady I worked with in a daycare was diagnosed with cf. I had just started working there and had strep and pneumonia the first three months I was there. I was recovering from a car accident when I started there and was given prozac by a specialist for nerve pain in my leg I knew nothing of this drug at the time later learned it causes mitochondrial damage.
I had a horrid reaction to prozac and believe it wrecked my life but maybe it wasn't the prozac maybe it was an infection? Who really knows. After the prozac which I took less than a month I had hallucinations ect while on it I was bed ridden could not sleep but could not get up either. After a couple of years like that I went to a pain clinic where I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia I was given low dose amitriptyline sorry for the spelling just too much for me to look it up as I don't care I think you will figure it out. I am here to comunicate not learn to spell...
I have been on ssri snri for 18 years since then and off them completely for 3 almost 4 years. I had in my head that the drugs caused the cf issue. I found one article that says fibro and chronic serotonin syndrome have been misdiagnosed as the same thing take away the drug people get better eventually most do anyway but not me not yet anyway. I am better now as I had many symptoms from the drug tolerance to effexor. The last few years I have suffered a lot going thru what appears to be a protracted withdrawal from effexor I quit cold turkey in desperation after many infections and total in bed disabilty on effexor.
I currently have low vit D and when I take it get crazy anxiety runs amuck can't sleep lose weight so I don't take it tho all my doctors say I should. I have low IGg too and they are looking into that. Who knows will likely get another specialist who says take vit d3 I will not. As I can't tolerate it and live.
My one dose of vit D was 1000mg causes severe head ache with light around my eyes and heart pounding... after I was tested with 400mg a day for a month I had to quit after a couple days to get sleep then continued on quitting going back on till the end of the month... the last seven days I took it continually then did the blood work and urine. After the end of the month my blood work showed my vit d level was lower than any other test I had. To me this means my body is dumping the Vit d as it does not like it. If you have any ideas about this or the marshal protocol?


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