Sunday, January 23, 2011

Journalism the CBT way

By Dancing with the Sandman:

I learned from an early age not to trust everything the newsman tells me, and yet even I have become increasingly disheartened of late.

Notwithstanding the fact that I have recently been privy to some unsavoury hyperbole, I am still astounded by the way some scientific reporters work.

Opinion counts, of course, but a good reporter should show both sides of the coin. If they don't how do we know if the other side has a tail on it, or if the 'head' actually exists?

How do we know we're not being conned? Journalism works best when we can weigh up all sides of the debate. This is basic journalism, and yet increasingly, respected writers in mainstream newspapers are ignoring this first tenet.

If you think biased reporting is a problem then consider the lazy journalist. You know, the type? He rolls into the office still drunk or hung-over from the night before and has a deadline to meet.

How can he meet his 3pm and still have a liquid lunch with Brian? Eureka! He can ... Read more>>

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