Saturday, January 22, 2011

'L' in DLA stands for Living As in 'not dying'

Source: Good Access Guide:

Thousands share 'heartbreaking' posts in DLA blog campaign

One blogger, 'Jimboeth', wrote: "DLA is not allowing anyone an outlandish lifestyle (unlike say, bankers' bonuses). It merely allows a small number of people in this country a life. It allows them to live. That's what the 'L' in DLA stands for. Living. As in 'not dying'." Read more>>


Disability Living Allowance - rates:
Disability Living Allowance is in two parts - the care component and the mobility component. You may be able to get just one component or both.

Care component Weekly rate
Highest rate £71.40
Middle rate £47.80
Lowest rate £18.95

Mobility component Weekly rate
Higher rate £49.85
Lower rate £18.95

Your individual circumstances will affect how much you can get. The claim pack gives some examples of different levels of care and mobility needs.

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