Saturday, January 8, 2011

LDN has been a blessing

By LDNResearchTrust_admin:

I have had severe M.E. for over 30 Years. I am one of the 25 percent-ers (the 25% of sufferers who are mostly house-bound and often bed-bound with only about 3 hours of 'up' time daily). I have severe relapses, often, completely helpless and bed-bound for months at a time. My story is reminiscent of most - a story of misdiagnosis, mistreatment, disbelief, trivialisation, etc.

However, this is a good news story. My doctor told me about LDN - hesitantly it must be said - but she said I was desperate and that maybe this would help. Coincidentally, as a Christian, I had made a special prayer for help. My daughter and her husband live in Switzerland.

I live on the opposite side of the world in Australia. The first baby is arriving soon and I dearly want to travel to Switzerland sometime to see them. This may be an impossible dream, but it made me more willing to try another treatment, where usually I am very wary of things that might cost heaps of money, and lead to great disappointment when they don't work.

I went home and began my own research on LDN. I spent most of my 'up' time doing this until I was persuaded it was worth a try. Firstly though, I had to detox and withdraw from 35 years of codeine use. LDN and codeine are not compatible due to the opiate content. I think it is a measure of my determination that I went through this process, because it was horrendous. It took about 6 weeks and the withdrawal symptoms were very nasty. Still, I stuck to it, as I very much wanted to try LDN at this stage.

I am so glad I did. The LDN has been a blessing. It has not cured me by any means but ... Read more>>

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