Friday, January 28, 2011

Leave His Penis Alone !

by MariMK:

I was at a friend's beach house the other day, and our sons decided they couldn't wait for each other to pee, so they started peeing together.

"Oh," said my friend. "You didn't have him circumcised."

Now, said friend is as blunt and out there as one can be (which I generally appreciate), but perhaps I am a little overly sensitive on this topic. I just don't understand why leaving your son's penis intact is such a major issue.

Before we even conceived, my husband (intact himself) made it plain that were we to have a son, we were not going to circumcise him.

"He'll be different from some of his friends, but with regard to sensation, he'll appreciate it later in life." No biggie for me; I had no opinion one way or the other, and since there was no religious reason to circumcise, why not? Read more>>

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