Friday, January 21, 2011

Living a stress-free life does not conquer M.E.

By nmj:

Michael Crawford is the latest in a list of celebrities, said to have acquired M.E...' Wise words from Dr Greensmith via Dr Speedy.

I used to love Michael Crawford in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em and I must say I didn't know he'd had ME and was now better, about to resume performing.

He thinks he got it from lack of nutrients, sweating too much in his fat suit on stage...
I don't wish to 'diminish' his illness but maybe it is the case he had a more benign post-viral syndrome, or was simply burnt out from a brutal work regime? I wonder who diagnosed him, what were their criteria?

I would also not mind having the kind of M.E, where 'you feel okay for a few hours a day' (wilting by 4pm), then 'take yourself off to New Zealand' and build an orchard and go sailing and fishing. This is not to be mean to Michael, he has clearly been ill and I wish him well.

But he has, perhaps, been diagnosed by murky diagnosers. (They couldn't find anything else serious, so they gave him M.E.)

And I can't help thinking it's a shame he hasn't done more to highlight the devastation of the illness, given his very high profile (if he has then I am unaware and apologise).

It is important to note that living a stress-free life does not conquer neuro-immune M.E. I fear ... Read more>>

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