Thursday, January 27, 2011

The MRC's ME/CFS Expert Group

Clare A. Keefe:

MRC CFS/ME Expert Group "The group is chaired by Professor Stephen Holgate, chair of the MRC Population and Systems Medicine Board. The group brings together leading experts in the field of CFS/ME and from associated fields that may be involve

Professor Stephen Holgate - University of Southampton (Chairman)

Professor Jill Belch - University of Dundee

Dr Esther Crawley - University of Bristol

Professor Philip Cowen - University of Oxford
Professor Malcolm Jackson - University of Liverpool
Dr Jonathan Kerr - St George’s University of London
Professor Ian Kimber - University of Manchester Professor Hugh Perry - University of Southampton

Dr Derek Pheby - National CFS/ME Observatory

Professor Anthony Pinching - Peninsula Medical School
Dr Charles Shepherd - ME Association
Sir Peter Spencer - Action for ME

Professor Peter White - Bart’s and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry


Anonymous said...

Dr John Mellors, Calls CFS XMRV patients religious fanatics! He says, How many negative wil it take to get rid of these religious fanatics.

Anonymous said...

Ghastly news! Appallingly bad!
Thanks for alerting us to it, even tho it stinks and we wish it were not true.
Take good care ,Dear Speedy, and we hope you have some especially good time today to make up for all the nasties out there.


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